Strength advice from NaturFreunde Brandenburg - Strong together for democracy

Strength advice - what is it?

For 125 years, NaturFreunde have been committed to tolerant, solidarity and diverse cooperation. Unfortunately, today the local and regional group work is often burdened by a lack of young people, too few committed people or an unequal distribution of tasks.

The aim of the project “Strengths Advice of NaturFreunde Brandenburg - Together Strong for Democracy” is to strengthen the association - also against the law - and to open up new ways and solutions for the existing challenges.
An important component of the project is to train voluntarily committed NatureFriends from the local and regional groups to become strength advisors. Then the strengths advisors are available to the association as well as the local and regional groups with advice and action, e.g. in conflict situations, change processes or generational changes. Information on the situations in which trained strengths consultants can be requested is available here.

Strength advisory projects that train volunteers to become strength advisors are now available in seven regional associations of NatureFriends. The Brandenburg project started in January 2020.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs as part of the federal program “Cohesion through Participation” and co-financed by the State of Brandenburg as part of the “Tolerant Brandenburg” concept.



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